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Reward Points

How they work

For every order you place you will receive Reward Points which can be used to discount your next order!

For every pound you spend you will receive 10 Reward Points. For every 500 points you gain you will receive 1 discount from your future order/s. Points will even be awarded to you if you a buying a Gift Certificate for a friend or relative!

Bonus Points

If you spend 50 or more you will receive 200 bonus Reward Points!

How to spend your points

Using your points is easy! When you Checkout you will be able to choose Reward Points as your Payment Method. If you do not have enough points to pay for the entire order then you can choose another Payment Method after your points have been applied to your order.

More information

Please note that Reward Points are awarded only to Processed orders. Reward Points can only be redeemed against orders placed on the site and do not hold a cash value. Reward Points are awarded only to online purchases.