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Huge range of wonderful Painting by Numbers Kits and Pencil by Numbers kits including designs from Royal & Langnickel and Reeves. Each painting by numbers design is a joy to complete.

Painting by numbers enables you to create your very own masterpiece, develop your painting skills, and learn the arts of colour mixing. You can even frame the end result for a fantastic picture on your wall.

Choose from a variety of paint by numbers designs suitable for both Children and Adults.

Painting By Number Tips
  1. Consider buying a larger paint brush for larger areas.
    The brush that comes with the painting by number kits is suitable for all the areas but you can speed things along with a bigger brush.
  2. Stick to one colour at a time.
    This will help keep track of what you have done and what you still need to do.
  3. Start from top to bottom.
    By going from top to bottom, you will avoid smudging of the colours.
  4. Use a tooth pick, 0 or 00 brush for small areas.
    This will help you achieve better detail in smaller areas than the standard brush.
  5. Leave the mixed colours to last.
    By leaving the mixed colours last and mixing outside of the pots you will avoid contamination and be able to use the standard colours again if you needed. Its recommended to mix on a mixing palette.
  6. Add more of the darkest colour to make your mix darker.
    Sometimes you may need a shade or two darker, this can be achieved by using the darkest colour in your set, Refer to the box illustration for a colour match.
  7. Use transfer paper to copy a design.
    If you want to paint your chosen design on to a canvas or something else this can be achieved with the use of transfer paper and transferring the design to the selected surface.
  8. Consider buying an artist easel.
    This will help keep the board/canvas stable and at the perfect position to paint.
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